Important to know...

  • All Journeys are fully escorted.  You will always have someone to count on, to guide your group every step of the way.

  • Each Journey itemizes specifically what is, and what is not, included.  Please share this with your guests.

  • Minimum numbers must be met to hit pricing goals.  If minimum numbers are not met, tour costs are subject to change. 

  • Lodging accommodation is based on two people sharing a room.  A single supplement will apply for passengers requesting single occupancy.

  • Once a person registers their place on the trip, if they cancel their booking and are not able find a replacement, they will forfeit deposits as per our booking conditions.  Upon approved request, registrants may be able to roll over their deposits for a future Journey if available.

  • Each person traveling must agree to our general Booking Conditions as part of the registration process.  Additionally, every person will be required to sign one or more waivers dependent upon the destination.  No waiver, no travel!

  • It is the responsibility of each individual passenger to apply and hold a viable passport for international travel.  A photocopy of the valid passport must be sent in when registering for the trip.  No one may register for an international trip without a passport that is valid through the dates of travel and in some cases, extended to 6 months later.  If a Visa is required for international travel, it is also the passenger’s responsibility to research and obtain the Visa that will be required, correlating with their nationality. 

  • Each passenger is responsible for speaking to their physician directly regarding potential immunizations that may be suggested or required for use in travel to different areas.  Each passenger should also research CDC and other travel medical sites to learn about potential threats including mosquitoes and other pests that carry infectious disease.  All registrants must be able and willing to take the necessary steps to protect themselves for harm or unforeseen circumstances.

  • A travel insurance policy will be included for each registrant.  This will cover basic travel and medical issues as per the specific policy.   Guests may feel free to upgrade and/or supplement their travel policy independently.

  • We take safety initiatives seriously.  During each and every trip, please be prepared for a full safety meeting and mock fire drill.  The very best way we can take care of you is to ensure your safety and comfort is always first and foremost. 

"Guest safety and security is our top goal.  Although the experience is great, lets make sure safety comes first."

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