How Does It Work?

You pick the Journey and the dates and we’ll make sure you are set up for success.  Your job will be to decide who on your staff will accompany the group and how many free places you need, plus handle all the advertising to your patrons and collecting registrations.  Together, we will decide how much you would like to see earned for fundraising.  We usually work on a per person registered basis.  So, if your goal is to raise $5,000, you may want to look to earn $250 per registration with a minimum of 20 guests.  If you want to raise $20,000, you may look to earn $500 per guest registered with a minimum of 40 guests.  It’s simple.  Then, once everyone is registered and the funds for the trip are fully collected, we’ll gift the desired amount back to the organization to ensure all required terms and conditions are met that support your foundation’s needs.

What can the funds be used for?

Anything!  The funds are gifted to you just like any benefactor would do to support your organization.  Perhaps you need to print new guides or design a new set?  Maybe you need to add a new staff member to make the experience shine for your guests?  Or maybe you just need a new enclosure or exhibit of some type.  All of these items would be key projects for support.

How do we advertise the trip?

Advertise the same way you would for any supported project.  Include publications, donor roll communications, CSA advertisements and sponsorships.  Talk to your local businesses and ask them to support efforts by partnering with you to purchase package registrations for their employee appreciation programs.  Talk to local sales organizations about investing in your initiative for top sales incentive prizes.  Talk to local radio and television stations, allowing them to earn a free spot in return for promotion.  Get creative!  If you need ideas, our team is brilliant at marketing!

How do we find the time to start?

That’s the easy part.  You pick the Journey then have one of your top benefactors take on the role of promotion.  We all know those folks – great people who look for projects where they can make a difference in your community.  Set a minimum number of registrations and empower that person to work on behalf of the organization.  We’re all in it together!

How far out should we start planning?

The best rule of thumb is to start registration a minimum of 6 months out so patrons have the time needed to plan, collect funds and apply for passports/visas.  If starting registration 6 months out, we then suggest starting your planning a minimum of 8 months out. Some organizations take it one step further and plan a minimum of one year in advance of travel.  The choice is yours. 

Okay, we're ready!  What's our first step?

Your first step is to decide what Journey interests you and what date you would like to travel.  Your next step is to decide how many patrons you would like to target for your trip, what earning level you are seeking, plus how many free places you would like included for your staff.  Then, contact us so we can get a quote prepared for you.  Taking your needs into consideration, we will evaluate the most suitable options and find the best offer that supports your fundraising goals.  From there, it’s time to put someone in charge of advertising and registration and you’re on your way!  Sit back, relax and start planning your stunning experience.


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