Moving Forward

When you’re ready, we want you to have immediate access to everything you will need to ensure you are set up for success.  Everything required is simple and all of your forms are easily downloadable for reference.  Have a question?  Just give us a call or email, we’ll be here for you.

Your first step is to get your marketing department on board so you can properly advertise the trip opportunity to your patrons.  Whether by newsletter, facility signage or other form of communication, get the word out.  The more passengers you are able to gather, the more complimentary places you will earn for your staff and also, the greater success you will have in achieving, or even surpassing, your fundraising goals. 

Once you get your guests signed up, you will start the administration process.  The best practice is for you to allocate this task to a single person, whether on staff or a volunteer, that can take the general administration and handle just that feature.  This is usually assigned to another staff member that is earning a free place on the tour.  This administration person will then gather all registration forms, initial deposits, waivers and other requirements to confirm your booking.  Note that there are two Registration Forms - one is for your company and the other is form persons signing up for the tour.  Additionally, every person is required to send in a waiver (Release of Liability), regardless of whether they are traveling on a paid or complimentary place.


Various forms are downloadable on your left for easy reference.  Questions?  Ask us!

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