On tour for an early morning visit to the Great Sandhill Crane Migration, Nebraska 2017.

Follow your Muse....

At Muse Journeys, we partner with our associations to provide incredible tourism journeys that support your fundraising goals.   Used as a fundraising method, a travel experience allows your patrons an opportunity to spend their vacations on projects that support their personal interests all while driving necessary funding to your organization.  It provides a fantastic experience for your guests, builds needed revenues, and delivers recognition to top employees by allowing them to lead fabulous trips.  In the end, it builds loyalty for both your customers and your dedicated staff.

Types of organizations we typically work with:


  • Museums, Historical Societies & Heritage Sites

  • Zoos, Aquariums & Wildlife Facilities

  • Medical, Environmental & Humanitarian Charities

  • University & Alumni Organizations

  • Fraternal, Social & Support Organizations

  • Professional Associations

  • Art Councils & Community Theatres

  • Orchestras, Operas & Ballets

  • Churches & Mission Projects


Every foundation needs fundraising efforts to enhance the best benefits and assets for its patrons.  Fundraising is the key to a successful charitable organization; allowing for projects and personnel that support organizational growth and prosperity. Let us assist you with your fundraising goals by planning and delivering a tour that supports your goals.  Whether to Costa Rica or China, WWII immersion or the arts, we promise to create a very special experience for you and your guests. 

The Muse Journeys Team

Our Philosophy

We believe that when you experience travel, it changes you.  We believe that when you experience a new culture, it awakens you. We believe it broadens your entire personal scope and creates a wonderful understanding of humanity for the world's creatures.  We want to bring this experience to you.  The world is what we make it.  Let's see it, and begin to understand it, so we can all make a global difference.

Our History

Our family has proudly been in the hospitality and tourism industry since 1978.  Over the years, that passion for travel has been passed down through the generations, allowing us the history and experience of serving virtually every type of group imaginable. We are proud of our expert service and are truly honored each time we are asked to serve.  Our promise to you is honest and fair pricing coupled with brilliant service by those who genuinely care.

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